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NiOh 2 The Complete Edition [EXCLUSIVE]

In case you couldn't tell by the port's title, Nioh 2 - The Complete Edition does include all the DLC offerings from the PS4 version, meaning you'll have access to all weapon types from the get-go, and you can transition into the DLC chapters immediately after seeing the credits. I found that, in the first Nioh, the stat balancing going from main game to DLC was a rough spike in difficulty, as if the game expected players to have already replayed main missions a few times to boost their levels. I felt no such spike in Nioh 2, as heading to the DLC felt a completely natural ramp in challenge.

NiOh 2 The Complete Edition

The stats on gear have not changed much from the original, which was a sort of a downer for me. The first problem with the random gear in the game is that there are simply way too many drops with too many varieties of modifiers to give players any sort of gratifying choice for the amount of time spent in the inventory, especially early on in the game. With it being completely luck dependent, I found that I always just ended up defaulting to the highest level gear I had in my inventory. Why spend time finding the perfect item when you are just going to level passed it?

Nioh 2 Complete Edition also offers three DLC packs that were previously offered via a season pass. The Tengu's Disciple allows players to visit the seaside Yashima region, where a great battle is taking place. Darkness in the Capital allows players to visit Kyoto during the Heian period, where the capital is overrun by monstrous yokai. The First Samurai takes players to Japan in the 700s, where players learn the history of the sword Sohayamaru. All three DLC packs add new levels, dungeons, weapons, guardian spirits, and enemies, as well as extra difficulty modes and even new weapon types complete with skill trees of their own. While The Tengu's Disciple and Darkness in the Capital seem to bethe more-complete additions to the game, The First Samurai does add to the story's lore and post-game content.

Unfortunately, just like the original, PC players will have to wait to get their hands on Nioh 2, which is a timed-exclusive on PS4 and won't launch on PC until November. We had the chance to preview Nioh 2--which is actually a prequel--last month and found that while it's pretty similar to the first game, the new customization options, such as Yokai abilities, spice up the combat. If you have a PS4 and haven't locked up your pre-order yet, check out our Nioh 2 pre-order guide for all of details you need to know about bonuses and special editions.

Yasuda: There are many RPG elements in Nioh 2 that allows for the player to take on the challenges presented throughout the game, even if they are not very accustomed to action games. Other players can also support you through the multiplayer mode. We are completely fine with players utilising their own unique strategies to progress through the story, and hope everyone can use whatever strategy works for them to make their way through Nioh 2 and achieve a great sense of accomplishment! 041b061a72

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