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Adam Lambert - Ghost Town (Lyrics)

The accompanying music video for "Ghost Town" was directed by Hype Williams and premiered on April 29, 2015.[20] The video features Lambert dancing on a white background with flashes of all types of dancers dancing to the rhythm. Scenes also include old photos of a ghost town.

Adam Lambert - Ghost Town (Lyrics)

When first listening to Adam Lambert's new track "Ghost Town," from the upcoming album The Original High, you might not actually know that it's Adam Lambert. The first verse sounds more like something you'd hear on your Kings of Leon Pandora station than Lambert's usual audio stomping grounds, like night clubs and 24-hour frozen yogurt shops. Lambert's "Ghost Town" has a modern country twang with lyrics that drip with broken Hollywood dreams. Then the song bursts into a techno beat for the chorus, but once again returns to the more haunting groove for the bridge. It's a mash-up that happens to be just one song. Over and over Lambert tells you, "My heart is a ghost town," and I'll be the first to warn you, for better or worse, it'll get stuck in your head. 041b061a72

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