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REAL SNOW V2.2 1.41

Descriptions: This mod is a mod that makes the amount and behavior of snow and graphics realistic.Please stop secondary distribution etc.This mod is a mod that adjusts the snow on the windshield.This mod requires [frosty_mod].Please give it the highest priority.

REAL SNOW V2.2 1.41

Description: Changelog v2.0This addresses an issue where Summer Textures were pre loading before Winter textures.The cause of this issue I narrowed down to an alpha channel issue.For some reason it just wasnt playing ball with the game so I replaced it with a differentimage to test it. This worked so I used a different snow image.I also noticed that I was getting a missing Aux [2] error.Changing the file and putting in values of 255 255 255 9 worked fine for the snow.Then I had some popup for ice textures. I have matched as close as possible the Aux [2] section for those as close as possible.May look at fine tuning when I manage to get sound issues resolved.Please also note that Mack Dealers have NOT been added to this version as the Mack DLC is incompatible with files have been updated on the Winter Map and for the Winter Chains due to Physics changes in ATS 1.36Please move the Winter Chains to the top of the load order screen or the physics wont kick in.The map is a Standalone Map on a 1:1 Scale and is NOT Compatible with any other map i.e C2C or Mexuscan so please do not ask.I was going to make it an addon but with the rescale it would cause more headaches than its worth.Experience has been increased to reflect the size of the map compared to the base game. Pay has not.This map is not for the feint of heart it will take you 20 minutes to get to Fox from Fairbanks and 3 1/2 hours to get to Yukon River Camp. It takes about 2 hours or so just to get to the Dalton Highway from Fairbanks alone. There are hills and corners that will make your jaw drop or wake you up. This map has been mapped with google earth and elevations for every single node added to their correct heights for their respective locations via Google Maps Find Altitude.For those of you who remember my 18 WOS Haulin version you are in for a real treat. there is no map shaking like the original back in 18WOS. Pavel told me the map was so big the game couldnt handle it lol.There are two versions one Summer and one Winter.As this is a W.I.P. and ongoing there maybe a few places that are not yet complete. I have blocked off the road where necessary so road construction can continue and you do not fall off the world. Eyesores will be taken care of at a later point as well as any holes I spot.Map IncludesAlaska State Troopers and Fairbanks Police Cars, Custom Trailer skins for some companies. Carlile T680 and W900 Skins for the SCS player trucks and AI trucks(Watch your speed on the Elliot and Dalton those Police and State Troopers can sneak up on you or just be around the next corner.)Custom Signs as seen along the way.Truckdealers are located in Fairbanks : Kenworth, Peterbilt and Volvo, Deadhorse: PeterbiltPiva has kindly done a weather mod for this map. This is included in the downloadI am aware of most errors (mainly cosmetic) that are on the map.There is no need for any gas/petrol cheats. You can get to Coldfoot without the need to sleep or refuel. This map is in realtime.North Eastern part of FairbanksJobs from and or to Carlile, Pepsi, Lowes, Sourdough Fuel, Fred Meyer, Home Depot, Walmart, McDonalds and more. (Thank you to Nico at Pro Mods for permission to use this McDonalds prefab)Farmers LoopSourdough FuelFox (Steese Hwy)Silvergulch BottlingFox (Elliot Hwy)Hilltop Truckstop - n.b. This is the last fuel stop until either Livengood Airport or Yukon River CampElliot HighwayPump Station 7LivengoodNothing to see here, move alongLivengood AirportDeliveries and pickups as well as fuel and a repair shopRest area nearby at Livengood CampDalton HighwayRest stop at mile 1 with custom sign just like in the picture and irlPump Station 6, Yukon River Camp, Hot Spot Cafe, Five mile Airport, Seven Mile Station, Rollercoaster, Beaverslide, Arctic Circle, Prospect Creek, ColdfootWiseman, Chandalar Station, Atigun Pass, Pump Station 4, Bettles, Galbraith Lake, Toolik Field Station, Pump Station 3, Ice Cut, Happy Valley Airstrip, Sag River Station, Pump Station 2, Deadhorse.Tested on game version Hawkbs, Piva, Nico, FLD, SCS Software 041b061a72

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