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National And University Library In Zagreb HOT!

National and University Library in Zagreb (NSK) (Croatian: Nacionalna i sveučilišna knjižnica u Zagrebu, NSK; formerly Nacionalna i sveučilišna biblioteka u Zagrebu, NSB) is the national library of Croatia and central library of the University of Zagreb.

national and university library in zagreb


Services provided include lending and reference services (bibliographic-reference and catalogue information, subject search, science citation index search); interlibrary loan; national bibliographic database; IT services (reprographic services, microfilming, digitization, use of computer equipment); and learning programmes for users. Exhibitions are mounted, and parts of the Library's premises may be leased.

1. the assembling and organizing of the Croatian national collection of library materials and the coordination of the acquisition of international scientific works at both the national and the University level,

As a result of legal deposit regulations introduced in 1816 bearing on the University of Pest, the library's national importance began to increase. Such legal deposit regulations were extended to the whole territory of Croatia and Slavonia in 1837. Antun Kukuljević, politician and the founder of the Croatian educational system, changed the name of the library to the Latin name, Nationalis Academica Bibliotheca, highlighting the dual nature of the library's educational and national functions, which it has jointly developed since then and symbolically preserved in its name to this day.

The National and University Library in Zagreb is a public institution of national importance, which conducts library activities and provides reference services as the national library of the Republic of Croatia and the central library of the largest Croatian university, the University of Zagreb. The Library also carries out scientific, research and development activities with the primary purpose of organizing and developing the Croatian library system.

The National and University Library in Zagreb is the central library in the Republic of Croatia and also the fundamental institution of Croatian culture, science and education. It was founded in 1607 as a collegium but officially started to gain national importance with the introduction of legal deposit regulations (1816 and 1837). In 1837, Antun Kukuljević gave the National and University Library a Latin name, Nationalis Academica Bibliotheca, highlighting its dual functions. During the 19th and 20 centuries, the National and University Library was enriched through many book donations, and the estimation is that it holds approximately 3 million books.

The European Library of today has evolved from a number of earlier projects. Its starting point was in 1997 when the GABRIEL (Gateway and Bridge to Europe's National Libraries) project set out to establish a joint web portal of European national libraries. At a basic level, the portal provided information about each library's collections and access to their online public access catalogues (OPACs).


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