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Klim Afanasyev
Klim Afanasyev

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Resplendent in its rich deep vermilion paint with lavish gold-leaf trim, the new American-LaFrance Type 92-TA tractor-drawn aerial bearing factory serial number L-747 was delivered to Windsor on April 14, 1936. The awesome new aerial was absolutely the last word in modern firefighting technology. Under its high, rounded hood throbbed a 240-horsepower V-12 engine. The two-section, 85-foot wood aerial ladder was equipped with an American Automatic quick-raising hoist. By simply depressing a foot pedal on the turntable, two powerful coil springs smoothly lifted the big ladder out of its bed and into the air. Firefighters spinning big handwheels could quickly extend the fly ladder and rotate the turntable. The long trailer with tiller rear steering held two stacks of Douglas Fir trussed ground ladders ranging in length from 12 to 55 feet.

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Despite recovering dozens of fingerprints from the airliner, and simulating where Cooper might have landed by pushing a sled out of an aircraft under similar conditions, authorities have never been able to locate Cooper. A potential breakthrough occurred in 1980, when the holidaying Ingram family found bank notes whose serial numbers matched those given to Cooper by the Columbia River in Washington State. However, his fate remains unknown.


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