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could be the best movie ever made. people just dont remember it. forget braveheart. forget fight club. forget star wars. face of chucks pitt lies buried in a box of dirt somewhere. the true hollywood american classic that connects all the dots. watch for the book of revelations, a smoking gun, and the bringing of in stone cold steve

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her name was holly and she was 15. i was a junior in high school at the time and she was in my class. my girlfriend at the time was the daughter of bobby vans father. i used to run into their daughter quite often at the club and would occasionally sit in a booth and watch them dance. not a lot of people knew her then. later on, i was at a party and i remember seeing her. she was a cute girl and i couldnt help but notice her. she was dressed very sexy wearing a slinky top and a see through mini-dress. i walked up to her and asked what she was doing and she told me that she and her dad were going to see a movie and that she was trying to get the money from him. i didnt even want to know that much. holly was a few years younger than me and i just thought she was a real nice girl but i didnt have a damn thing on her.

the only guy i ever heard of that got fired for being too old is either major tom or ken watanabe. imo, ken has more experience as a stuntman than tom because most of the time it seems like he's ripping his own wrists apart. he appears in two of my favorite movies, bound for glory and the last samurai.

phil is one of the most unique characters from any movie since i have seen him. over the years i have been to his audition i have seen him climb a small building, vault across a large prop in the make up room, and lift a heavy sword over his head. this kid in his mid-fifties can really act and i am so glad that he was given the opportunity to play the main character of this show.

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