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In autumn 1973, Bhutto relocated to the United Kingdom and began studying for a second undergraduate degree, in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, at Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford.[50] After three years, she received a second-class degree.[51] At her father's insistence, she remained in Oxford to study for a one-year postgraduate degree,[52] reading international law and diplomacy;[53] at this point she attended St Catherine's College, Oxford.[54] One of her fellow students at Oxford stated that there, she "epitomized the classic spoilt rich girl from a third world country".[55] She nevertheless made friends, who later described her as a humorous and intellectually curious individual.[37] In 1977, she was elected President of the Oxford Union debating society,[56] the first Asian woman to hold that post.[57] After her three-month term was up, she was succeeded by her close friend, Victoria Schofield.[58] Bhutto was also active in the local Conservative Association and it is through this connection that she is widely believed to have introduced future British Prime Minister, Theresa May, to her future husband Philip May.[59]Despite the ongoing tensions between Pakistan and India, she interacted socially with Indian students,[60] and while at Oxford also made proposals of marriage to two fellow Pakistani students, but was rebuffed on both occasions.[60] Bhutto biographer Brooke Allen thought that her time at Oxford was "almost certainly the happiest, most carefree time of her life".[51]

exploring the world of english by saadat ali shah pdf free 439

Among the problems facing Pakistan when Bhutto took the Premiership was soaring employment and high unemployment.[185] The Pakistani government was bankrupt, with Zia having borrowed at high-interest rates to pay government wages.[175] Many of the policy promises she had made in her election campaign were not delivered because the Pakistani state was unable to finance them; she had claimed that a million new homes would be built each year and that universal free education and healthcare would be introduced, none of which was economically feasible for her government to deliver.[186] The country also faced a growing problem with the illegal narcotics trade, with Pakistan being among the world's largest heroin exporters and the drug's use rapidly increasing domestically.[185] Bhutto pledged that she would take tough action on the powerful drug barons.[175] 350c69d7ab


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